Street Art in London´s Eastend Shoreditch

London is full of interesting outdoor urban art, from Banksy pieces to works by undiscovered artist. Contemporary sculpture, abstract art, modern art murals, and quirky installations. Urban art in London is everywhere and it’s free for everyone to enjoy!

London´s Eastend Shoreditch has one of the biggest and best collections of uncommissioned street art in the world. Local and international artists have decorated the streets of London with a staggering array of creative works using a wide range of mediums, from miniature bronze statues to painted murals several storeys high.

Possibly the most famous street artist to date is Banksy. There has been Banksy art in London for more than a decade. He stencils pictures of people and animals engaged in unexpected behaviour. Some of the art makes a hard-hitting political point, while other works are extremely funny; often they are both. Due to his popularity, or unpopularity in some cases, many of the original Banksy pieces in London are no longer visible.

See a range of artwork from around 40 artists.